Freshmen Football Players Balance Football and Academic lives

Haley Wilson, Interviewer

Everyone loves football season! Here at Ramsey Junior High, the ninth grade football team held at Southside High School and their annual Jamboree on August 27th, where they scrimmaged against Darby, Kimmons, and Chaffin.

      Ninth grade football players Hayden Devine and Zach Goines both said, “Chaffin Is going to be the biggest competition this season.”

    Some players like practice time, and some don’t. Sometimes it’s boring, but it can also be fun.
    “The time we have right now is excellent because we all have lives outside of school, things to do like homework and chores,” said Devine.
    At Ramsey, most of the students were asked to participate in extracurricular activities, and the football players are no exception. In doing these activities, they need extra time for them outside of school, football, games and practices to participate these other fun classes.
    Football is a very intense sport. Football players can get hurt, break arms, neck, legs, hands, etc.
     Have you ever wondered how the players feel after the game?    `
         “I felt like some things needed improvement,” said Devine.
    Even though the Ramsey football team hasn’t done well this year, they are still very optimistic for the upcoming season.