School Dress Code Sparks Debate

Haley Wilson, Interviewer

Every school has a dress code and not everyone likes it. The dress code is decided by the school administrators. Some of the prohibitions are no see-through clothes, no rips in your jeans, no inappropriate wording on your clothes, etcetera.

     Ninth grader Laysha Tapia said, “I think the dress code is fair and doesn’t need to be changed. People should be thinking more about school and not about how it’s so unfair that we can’t wear what we want.”

    Most junior high students disagree with their school’s dress code. They think it’s unreasonable and that they should be allowed to wear what they want.

    Teachers only have one day when they can wear jeans, and they have to pay $5 for the  privilege.

    Ryan Curtis, a ninth grade algebra teacher here at Ramsey Junior High, said, “There are bigger injustices in the world than not being able to wear something; it’s not fair but it’s livable.”

  Some say this generation sometimes shows too much skin. They wear crop tops and shorts in the summer. Wearing shorts in the summer is a big thing because it’s hot outside, but shorts are against the dress code.

    Libby Ware, eighth grade world history teacher at Ramsey Junior High, said, “Personally, if I were in charge, I would make them wear uniforms. I think the dress code is okay, even though some people push it a little too far. I don’t really want to see any kind of crack, whether it’s in the front or back. Those are my thoughts on dress code because there’s a difference between how you come to school and how you go to the mall.”

    Dress code is always going to seem unfair to the students; some teachers are more strict about enforcing it than others. Students don’t understand that others might get distracted and not be able to focus on their work, if the student body wears certain things. The dress code will always be an issue with the student  body because teenagers want to express their individuality through their clothes.