Safari Montage Sparks Debate

Kareena Xiong, Interviewer

By: Kareena Xiong

    In past years at Ramsey Junior High, we have used Google Classroom, Moodle, and other technology sources, but this year Ramsey has decided to take the leap and change our school’s classroom management system to Safari Montage.
    Ninth grade Algebra teacher Ryan Curtis said, “I was curious when I heard about Safari. The Technology Integration Specialist Ms. Cobb and our administration wanted to try a new program that might help our students, using Safari instead of Moodle. Although, for now I am not sure of any advantages of Safari at this point.”
    Moodle and Safari both help students and teachers with school subjects and upcoming assignments.

    Ninth grade Algebra teacher Terri Hall said, “I like Safari. It keeps things organized, allows the students to see all of their classes at one time, and they can easily find their assignments in the assignment calendar.”       

    Safari helps students know and see what they are expected to do from teachers.

    Seventh grade Science teacher Patti Farris said, “I am in the process of adjusting because there are many things to learn, but everyday I feel I’m getting stronger with it. I really like how there are a lot of awesome resources available, and the kids have all their classes and assignments on one website. I felt overwhelmed at first because technology is a challenge for me, but now I’m encouraged. If I can do it, anybody can.”

    Some teachers have found Safari Montage to be time-consuming.

    Eighth grade English teacher Risa Hunter said, “All the student classes show up on the front page. Last year, I was excited because it looked like it would help us manage our papers. It does take time to put lessons on, but it has several features that could be helpful to students.

    Safari can be confusing at times, but it helps teachers and students stay organized. Just give it time, and you can learn how to work Safari Montage and maybe even like it.