Playing Chess Helps Concentration and Reasoning

Kareena Xiong, Reporter

    There are about nine active members in the Chess Club at Ramsey. This club has been in existence at Ramsey for at least 10 years. It was started by former teacher Marilyn Neely. There are no daily gatherings of the Chess Club. There are tournaments, but club members have not attended any yet.

    Special Education teacher and current Chess Club sponsor Michelle Mudd said, “Something I would like students to understand is that chess is a game of skill that has an important impact on those who learn to play. When playing chess, students learn to think about consequences.”

    This is very important as a life skill because you realize that every choice made comes with consequences, and that the chess player is willing to accept those consequences. It teaches the player how to reason and think critically. Chess Club is always looking for more members.

    To join the Chess Club, just go by Room F-4 or email Mudd at [email protected].

    Eighth Grader Dillon Still said, “I feel good about chess. It’s fun and interesting to see how many ways you can checkmate someone. I can learn to concentrate more from chess. I was 8 when I started playing, and it’s been six years since then. When I was younger, my father and brothers always beat me, and that’s what got me interested in chess. They also taught me how to play chess, including most of what I know now.”

    Eighth Grader Sarah Ann Below said, “Chess is an escape for me. Playing it is like I can battle my problems off with the pieces. Each time I win, I feel relief wash over me. I wish to gain great strategies and memories from chess. Although you try to win, you can also make friends along the way. My best friend Ally Savage and my sister Kristin Below told me how fun and challenging it was, so I joined Chess Club with Ally. I have been playing chess for the whole school year. My step-brother Charlie Shirley also plays chess.”

    Eighth Grader Ally Savage said,”Chess is great. I like the ability to play and gain knowledge when I play chess. I wanted to learn something new, so I joined Chess Club. I’ve been playing chess for about three years, and I’m currently the Chess Club Captain. None of my family members play chess.”

    Eighth Grader Lenora Damer said, “I love chess. It makes me want to have better strategies. Sarah Below is my inspiration for chess. I’ve been playing chess for three months.”

    Chess increases your knowledge and fosters calmness and patience. Learning these could help your future and help you find out more about yourself.