Walker Leaving Ramsey

Azul Westpfahl, Reporter

 Ninth Grade English teacher Michele Walker has accepted a teaching position at Southside High School beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

     “I’m leaving Ramsey because I have an opportunity to move up with my daughters. They’ll be going to Southside next year and one of the greatest pleasures in my life has been teaching my own children,” said Walker.

    Walker taught for 19 years before she came to Ramsey. She misses teaching the high school level and she is looking forward to teaching that level again. She enjoys preparing students for careers, college, and the ACT.

    “I think that ninth grade students in high school don’t really understand the significance of the ACT and the significance of what’s going on,” said Walker.

    Walker explains her feelings about transitioning from Ramsey to Southside.

    “I will miss Ramsey immeasurably. Ramsey is an incredible school and I wish I could just clone myself and send one of me over there to be with my kids and stay here. I love the faculty here, the administrators I work for, the incredible staff, and the offices are awesome, but your family has to come first. I will miss Ramsey every day,” said Walker.

    Every career, every job, and every business has certain ways of handling things. Walker speaks about this.

    “I don’t know the policies and procedures. I don’t know how things are actually done at Southside. I just don’t know the protocol, and so I’m  nervous about having to learn it, but I am excited to get back where I have students until the end of their public education,” said Walker.

    Walker talks about her new role at Southside.

    “I will be teaching English, and what is available is an 11th grade position, but I have heard that they may shuffle some people around and I may be teaching some 10th grade as well. One of those would be fine, or even seniors, but that is kind of the prized position. Usually it takes a little while for a person to be in a school before they can teach those upper-level classes. I don’t embrace change very well. I had my first teaching job for a while in Alma, and my plan is for this to be my job until I retire,” said Walker.

    Walker explains when she’s going to Southside.

    “I will start in the fall, and so at the end of school I’ll have to pack up all my things here. Mr. Hahn has graciously said he’ll help me move my things up to Southside. Thinking about packing, I start to cry. I’m not ready yet,’’ said Walker.

    With her new job comes some other changes as well.

    “Well, those who work with me know that I’m not a morning person. I usually arrive here about 10 till 8:00 or five till 8:00, and I try to get everything ready the day before so when I walk in the door I can turn the lights on and class is ready. But I have heard that at Southside you have to be in your room around 7:45. It might not seem early for some people, but to me, it is,” said Walker.

  Walker has loved her eight years at Ramsey; nevertheless, she is looking forward to a new teaching experience at Southside.