Siebenmorgen Leaving After 13 Years

“Junior high students always keep life interesting,” said Ramsey Junior High Principal Dennis Siebenmorgen.  

    Siebenmorgen was commenting on the diverse types of students found in the hallways of Ramsey.

    “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get,” Siebenmorgen said, quoting the movie Forrest Gump. “Ramsey is never boring. There is always something going on.”  

     After 13 years of being a Principal at Ramsey, Siebenmorgen has accepted a new position in the Fort Smith School District.

     “I’ve been promoted to the Director of Building and Grounds for the Fort Smith School District,” said Siebenmorgen.

    He starts his new job July 1. Since Siebenmorgen’s new position will be at the Service Center, he will be close enough to walk the halls of Ramsey on occasion. Although Siebenmorgen enjoys being in the education field, if the chance was available, he would go back to geology. (Siebenmorgen had initially started out as a geology major, but since there were no jobs available at the time, he went back to college to study agriculture education with a minor in science.)

    “I never looked back, kept looking for advancements in the field,” Siebenmorgen said, speaking of the field of education.

    Some of Siebenmorgen’s accomplishments include piloting a digital school and heading up a school with excellent students and a great staff.

    “To be a principal at Ramsey, you have to have a high tolerance for people, patience, the ability to multitask, and flexibility with your schedule,” Siebenmorgen said.

    “Ramsey is one of the best schools I’ve ever been involved with. The students here at Ramsey are great, and they are great examples of the real work world,” Siebenmorgen said.

    He would stay here until retirement, but a promotion like this was too good to be passed up.

    “Ramsey has a special place in my heart,” Siebenmorgen said. Siebenmorgen will always hold a special place in Ramsey’s heart as well.