Returning to Arkansas


     Ramsey Junior High has many new teachers this year.  Brooke Watson, who teaches ninth grade algebra, is one of them.  Mrs. Watson has wanted to be a teacher since she was a senior in high school. Watson was motivated to pursue this career by her math teacher.

    Watson began teaching in Oklahoma City at the Santa Fe Charter School in 2008.  Although she enjoyed her time in Oklahoma, she was ready to return to Arkansas and be nearer to her family.  Her job at Ramsey helped her achieve that goal.  

    Being in a digital school is a new experience for Watson, but one she is enjoying. She thinks the school district is doing a great job with the digital conversion.  Watson has had a wonderful first impression of the staff and students at Ramsey saying the students are respectful and mature.  Mrs.Watson would happily continue her career at Ramsey until retirement.