11 Years Still Going

By: Alina McGill


Libby Ware has been teaching at Ramsey Junior High for 11 years. She has taught both English and social studies. Prior to teaching at Ramsey, Mrs. Ware worked alongside Ramsey’s new principal, Mrs. Manley.

    “We worked together at Kimmons Junior High. She was the band director, and I, myself, was the cheerleading sponsor. I like Mrs. Manley. She’s very no-nonsense.”

    When asked how the student body has changed over the past 11 years, Mrs. Ware said,

    “I think our student body is more diverse now than when I first came here. Our free and reduced population has increased,which means more students are living in poverty than 11 years ago.”

    Another significant change at Ramsey has been the transition to a digital school. Mrs. Ware has a favorable opinion of this change.

     “I like the computers. I like that every student has one, because it really allows for things to be equal for all students. Technology is something everyone will have to use it the future.”

     Mrs. Ware also had positive things to say about the new rules here at Ramsey.

    “I like the new rules, There’s not anything I really can think of that isn’t positive. Some things should’ve been enforced a while ago. They keep our students in line, and help them help the teachers. With 900 students here, it’s important to enforce rules.  It just makes the day go easier for everyone. Also with new rules, I see our students being more focused and achieving more.”

     As for the future of Ramsey Ware had this to say,

     ”We will have to get new computers. Computers have a certain length of life, and soon enough these will give out.”

    When asked about this year’s group of students Mrs. Ware said,            “Every year students have a different personality and I love change”