Holman’s Patriotism Inspires Students


      One of the new faces at Ramsey Junior High this year is Kimberly Holman. Mrs. Holman is a Freshman Civics teacher who loves the United States and shows her patriotism every day at school.

    In High School Mrs. Holman enjoyed playing softball and the flute. Although she
loves teaching, she did not always want to be a teacher. When she was in college she did an assignment on Robert E. Lee, who was part of the Confederate history, when asked by another girl what her essay was about she responded with, “Robert E. Lee”. The other student did not know who Robert E. Lee was and Mrs. Holman realized,

    “I need to be a teacher!”  

   Mrs.Holman moved to Moore, Oklahoma to start her teaching career and taught juniors
and sophomores for the next seven years. Eventually she realized Arkansas was her home and decided to move back.  She enjoys spending time with her family, including three-year-old daughter Olivia, and being a self-described, “crazy hog fan.”  

        One of Mrs.Holman’s best memories of teaching happened when a student from her first year of teaching returned to visit her several years later. The student had joined the military after graduation and when he visited, he brought one of his fellow soldiers with him. The former student told Mrs. Holman that he loved her class and it was because of her patriotism that he decided to join the military. The student’s friend told Mrs. Holman he wanted to thank her as well. He said that her former student always talked about how patriotic Mrs. Holman was, and how she was so supportive of the military.

     “It of course made me cry and made me realize that in some small way, I had made a difference.  Sometimes, as an educator, you wonder how big of an impact are you actually having on your students.  So this was very rewarding to me. Also, my former student wasn’t
necessarily the “model student,” so to see that he had turned things around and had a direction in his life was awesome!”

     Her experience here at Ramsey Junior high has given her a great impression of the students. She says that Ramsey students are “good kids” and “very mature” compared to her students from Moore, Oklahoma. The idea of the “digital life” has not really suited her, she says,    

    “I think technology is great, but for me you have to evaluate the learning”.

    She feels that learning should be a mix of old school and new school and not only be
digital. As far as her plans for the future, she will continue to be a Ramsey Ram and would love to be a principal or do instructional learning someday.