Service Squad Hopes to Impact the Future

Kim Hughes


    As the new school year begins, Ramsey Junior High School’s student clubs will be starting up again. One of those clubs is The Service Squad, a new club led by Ryan Curtis and Kimberly Holman. Mr. Curtis recalled that when he was in Junior High, serving in the community left a postive impact on him. He and Mrs. Holman discussed this when creating their club,

    “It will allow people to see that everybody has a story, and it’s good to listen to their stories”.

     This club is not open to the seventh and eighth graders. Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Holman want the students to be excited to join once they reach their freshmen year. In order to join you have to turn in the form on time, pay ten dollars for the t-shirts, and attend a minimum of two meetings per month. According to Mr. Curtis, in order to remain in the group,

    “Members are required to do two service activities with the group.”

    There are no more openings to join this year, but they plan to continue the club next year.  

    The Service Squad has made plans to work with the local food bank in October, and help out by ringing the bell with the Salvation Army during the holidays. They are also open to any other ideas the students can think of better help the community.