Meyers’ Poppin’ Potatoes

By: Angelica Leilany Gonzalez, Avail Soto



    The students in Mrs. Meyer’s’ class have been running a fundraiser for the past few weeks here at Ramsey Junior High School.  Every Thursday, Mrs. Meyers and her students sell baked potatoes with all the trimmings to Ramsey staff and teachers at lunchtime.  The students are trying to raise money for future class field trips they would like to take. Mrs. Meyers enjoys the fact that this project is teaching her students a skill they will be able to use throughout their lives.

    They decided to sell baked potatoes because,

    “They are easily prepared and everybody enjoys them.” Said Mrs. Meyers.

   Besides that,

    “They  are delicious!” said Cameron Richard , one of the students in Meyer’s’ class.

    In addition to raising money, the fundraiser is helping the  students have fun and connect with the rest of the school.

    “The kids love preparing the potatoes, getting out and delivering them, and working together as a team.” Said Mrs. Meyers.

    There has been a great reception from the faculty and staff at Ramsey.  The class usually sells between 28 and 30 potatoes a week. This project  benefits both the hungry and busy staff members who purchase  the potatoes and the students who are gaining a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment through the process.  Mrs. Meyers plans to continue the fundraiser for the foreseeable future.