A New Beginning

By: Annie Mullins


     This year Ramsey Junior High welcomed its first new principal in 13 years. Amy Manley came to Ramsey after leaving her position as Assistant Principal at Darby Junior High. Over the course of her 23 years in education, Mrs. Manley has been a band director, vice principal, and now a principal.

Mrs. Manley has wanted to be in the field of education since she was in the eighth grade.

She began her journey at Henderson State University, in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, as a music major.  She finished that degree at Arkansas Tech University.  After graduating in December 1994, Mrs. Manley started working toward her Master’s in Educational Leadership in 1999, which qualifies her to be a principal.  She then got her Master’s in Teacher Leadership and Learning which focuses on curriculum. Next summer, Manley plans to begin working toward her Doctoral degree. she says she wants to

    “try to get that before I’m 50. To be finished with school, that’s kind of just a personal challenge.”

      Mrs. Manley lives with her husband, Gordon, mother-in-law Jo, and their two cats Big Boy and Little Bit.  In her free time, she loves cooking and reading,  

    “If it were up to me I’d just go straight home and sit down and read a book, but really my main stress reliever is cooking.”  

     Another thing she enjoys is problem solving,

    “I’m a really good problem solver, and I can get things done. If you need somebody to do something, like actually make it happen, people ask me.”

    The switch from Darby to Ramsey has not been too difficult,

    “We have a diverse population here at Ramsey, and there is a diverse population at Darby too…kids are kids.”

     Mrs. Manley wants to make sure that every student has everything they need to be successful.

    “We are going to make sure that everybody is doing their work.  We are going to make sure   that people are learning, and if they are not learning find out why and see what we can do to help.”