Jazzing it up at Ramsey Junior High

By Alina McGill  


     On Thursday October 6, The Peterson Brothers played a concert at Ramsey Junior High. This musical outreach was available thanks to Libby Ware, AAC(Artist, Audience, Community)Live! and the Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Society.  Glenn Peterson, 20, and his younger brother Alex, 16, took time out from the Arkansas portion of their tour to entertain students and staff.

    The Peterson Brothers are from Austin, Texas and are being hailed as the next big thing on the blues/jazz circuit. They are gaining lots attention during their tour around the country. The brothers say they are on a mission to help

    “keep the blues alive.”

    According to their website, www.petersonbrothersband.com, the group has won many honors and awards but since they are still relatively young,

     “much of their time is spent honing in on their musical gifts, they put precedence on volunteering and ensuring that their academics are a top priority.”

In June 2014, The Washington Post wrote,

    “Young bluesmen take up the torch for a musical tradition…the crop of younger black blues musicians who can take the tradition and transform it with their own identity is relatively slim…emerging up-and-comers include…The Peterson Brothers of Austin.”

   As far as the students at Ramsey are concerned the music was great.  Ninth grader Skyler Storment says,

    “They were really awesome and so young!”

    The concert made an impact on everyone’s day, serving as motivation to aspiring singers and musicians.