The Shadow (2nd Place)

By: Thea Bishop


     The wind felt cold on my skin, causing me to have goosebumps. The sky was so grey and the trees were as dead as a doornail. My house, was right in the middle in all of this sad and lifeless mess.

“Tabitha.” My father called. “Get inside immediately.” I sighed and rushed inside. My father closed the door behind me and told me to sit at the table. I was greeted by my mother and little brother, who were also at the table looking very nervous.

“I was watching TV earlier, and I saw something very unsettling.” My father said, worried.

“The Shadow escaped from prison. Authorities suspect he came back here, his home town, to get his ultimate revenge.”

“Oh, no.” My mother said upset. “As if he hasn’t caused this town enough pain!”

“Wait,” I said curiously, “if they know he’s in town, why haven’t they caught him?”

“He’s in hiding. After all, most of this town is just woods. It wouldn’t be hard to stay hidden.” My father said.

“Well then how do they know he’s here!” My mother cried out, clearly frustrated.

“Because he’s killed again. Started right where he left off. He killed Tommy Bailer.” My father said.

“He’s coming.” I said

After that, we all didn’t talk for a long time.

The Shadow used to be a resident of our small town. Anderson Mack “The Shadow” thinks that some people of the town “wronged him.” As a result of that, he created a hit list. He only killed four people on that list before he got caught. My family wasn’t originally on his list. But my father witnessed Anderson killing, which got Anderson sent to prison. So if my father wasn’t originally on his list, he definitely is now.

“Tabitha.” My father said, breaking me away from my thoughts. “It’s time to go.”

My father decided we weren’t going to wait around for Anderson to come and get us, we were going to hide. My mother, father, brother, and I are going to a secret safehouse, deep in the woods. A place that nobody knew about, well at least we thought nobody knew about.

Two weeks since Anderson Mack, The Shadow, has escaped prison. Everybody is so afraid. He’s struck three more times since he’s killed Tommy Bailer. The banker, high school teacher, and even his best friend, have fallen victims to the The Shadow. That night I lay awake in fear, flinching at even the slightest creak or noise. I do this every night, and end up falling asleep anyways despite my fear. Tonight, though, was different. I pulled the covers over me, noticing it was quite chilly. Confused as to why it was chilly, I turned my head and noticed the window was open. I jumped out of my bed and quickly shut the window. I sighed a sigh of relief, but froze when I felt a cold hand over my mouth.

I screamed and kicked and tried to see his face, but he dragged me to the living room, keeping my vision where I couldn’t see him. He threw me on the ground, and I faced him.

“Hello, Tabitha.” Anderson said, smiling creepily.

I turned my head away, not wanting to look into his eyes.

“What?” He said using his hand to pull my face towards him. “You didn’t miss your big brother?”

I held my breath and shut my eyes tight. Anderson sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Dad’s dead ya know.” He said nonchalant. “Don’t worry, I spared you, Mom, and my little bro of course.”

I started to sob while tears ran down my face.

“Tabitha, he deserved it.” Anderson said.

“He didn’t deserve it!” I screamed. “You’re the one everyone wishes was dead!”

I covered my mouth, instantly regretting what I said.

“Maybe everyone else does. But I know you Tabitha. And I know you still love me, because I’m your brother, and I always will be.” Anderson said.

Anderson started to walk away, but I wasn’t done. I jumped up and headed for the gun in a drawer. I pulled out the gun, knowing I’d instantly regret what I was about to do. I loaded and fired, hitting my own big brother, square in the chest. I watched him bleed out, holding his hand the entire time, realizing that maybe Anderson wasn’t the only psychopath in the family.