Leaving Behind Good Memories


     After 11 years of service Ramsey Junior High head engineer, Hanh Chuong, has been  promoted to a new position. Hanh will take on the role of Utility Foreman for the district. He will be  in charge of employees that take care of lawn and yard work.

    During his time at Ramsey the students have had an impact on Hanh.   

    “That’s the best part of working here, the kids. Being around all these kids and watching them grow up and seeing them down the road and them saying ‘hey, I know you’.”

     Ramsey has left Hanh with many fond memories, he had an affect on the students and staff at Ramsey as well.

    “This building will not be the same without him! Ramsey could always count on him.”

    Said ninth grade English teacher Ms. Hays. Mr. Alexander, seventh grade Arkansas History teacher, added,

    “His service to Ramsey has been the best I’ve ever seen. His promotion is well deserved.  He will be missed!”

     On Monday, October 17th Hanh begins his new position at the Service Center.