Tinkering Away

By: Kim Hughes


     Everyone at Ramsey has heard heard about Tinker Space. Not all students participate, and some may not know exactly what it is all about, but word is getting  around. According to Laura Mosley, Ramsey Library Media Specialist, Tinker Space,

“is a place where students can create whatever is on their mind.”

The idea of Tinker Space came from a technology conference she attended in Denver in 2015. Tinker Space helps students get off their laptops and have face to face interactions. It also,

“has things available that they don’t have access to at home” said Mosley.

Tinker Space is a student directed operation, although sometimes there are teacher directed activities.  TInker Space  is  open during the school day,  and is  open  by request in the morning or after school.  However, Tinker Space may not be open to all students. According to Mosley, students can be banned if they are,

“disruptive, harmful to themselves or another, or abuse the privilege.”

It is obvious Tinker Space is not going to be shut down soon, and will continue on even after this school year ends.