Election Day 2016

By Annie Mullins


    Tuesday, November 8 was election day.  Polls on the east coast began closing at 6PM Central Time. As the results came in, Donald Trump took an early lead with 19 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s three in the race to reach the required 270. It proved to be a long night with battleground states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania remaining uncalled late into the process.    At approximately 2AM Central Time Trump secured the win with 279 electoral votes. Arizona was not decided until Friday, with Trump gaining their 11 electoral votes. As of today, Michigan has still not been called.  The current electoral count is Trump 290 and Clinton 228.

    Majority in the U.S. Senate is held by the Republicans who have 52 seats, the Democrats have 46, while Independents hold 2. In the House of Representatives, Republicans have 239 seats to the Democrats 193.  In Arkansas, John Boozman maintained his Senate seat, while in the House all four Republicans maintained their seats; Rick Crawford, Steve Womack, French Hill and Bruce Westerman.