Tragedy at the Airport

By Alina Mcgill   

     Jan. 6, 2017 a shooting happened at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. A 26 year old male, Esteban Santiago, possibly faces the death penalty for the shooting deaths of five people. Six others were injured in the attack near the baggage claim area. Santiago confessed to the mass shooting after stating he understood his rights. He is not employed, but served in the Army for 10 years and served a 10 month tour in Iraq. After his tour, his aunt and brother claimed when he returned from Iraq he exhibited strange behavior. The two stated he was hearing voices and seeing visions. Two months before the mass shooting Santiago went into the Anchorage, AK FBI office and said his mind was being influenced by ISIS and he was having thoughts of committing violent acts.

    The Alaska police took away his gun and ordered a mental health evaluation. Santiago was not determined to be mentally defective. Authorities later gave him back his gun. Authorities say this was the same gun Santiago used in the airport shooting.