Relationship Advice


By: Kim Hughes

     Almost everyone has liked someone by the time they finish junior high.  Some students have been in a relationship before that may or may not have worked out. But there is one couple at Ramsey that has lasted.

Camellia “CJ” Haisten and Zach Allred have been together for 8 and ½ months. They have faced many challenges throughout the course of their relationship. They started out as friends, and throughout time found out they had a lot in common, so they gave it a go. Before they started dating they set guidelines and they asked each other to not do certain things to help avoid conflict.

Just like every other couple, the thought of breaking up has come to mind. They have to deal with drama too. There weren’t many supporters of their decision to date and both of them lost friends because of their choice. Although other people tried to break them up, CJ and Zach always talked things out and stood side by side.

CJ and Zach have stayed together this long by always listening to each other. If something is bothering one they always tell the other. They are completely honest with each other so they can trust one another.

CJ advice to other Ramsey students is to only be with someone you can trust and be yourself with. Remember to avoid drama and ignore other people’s opinion.