The Secret Learning Lab of Ramsey

The Secret Learning Lab of Ramsey

By: Kim Hughes

     The word engineering conjures up thoughts of robots, cars, and planes. Actually, it’s a mixture of all of those things and a little bit more. In the engineering class here at Ramsey, students learn how things work and see how things are constructed and operated. They learn how a computer operates, how a plane flies, and maybe even have the chance to construct a working robot.

Glenn Patterson has been teaching engineering for a total of 34 years. He was interested engineering as a student and that’s what led him to study engineering at OSU and Northeastern State University. He has earned his Bachelor of Science, and Master’s of Science in education. Teaching engineering at Ramsey was his first choice of teaching.

Engineering is a semester class and is open to all grades. Students in the class have the opportunity to use a large 3D printer, a laser engraver, a Flight Simulator, SketchUp, C02 Car Software, among other things.  The classes are currently working on researching and designing cars. There will be a race at the completion of this in two weeks.

The only requirement for Mr. Patterson’s class is that you must ready and willing to learn.