A Racer at Ramsey


By: Freedom Mullins

   People may not expect a junior high school custodian to build race cars. Ramsey’s own Larry Bowen does just that. As soon as Larry was old enough to drive, he had an interest in hot rods. Larry’s very first car was a Camaro that wasn’t fast enough for him, so he put new wheels on it and painted it. These days he spends his free time with his cars, he,

     “works on them builds them, and drives them.”

    Racing and building cars are his favorite things to do. He has built 11 race cars plus one car that is a rat-rod, an automobile that is made from parts of different vehicles and is usually rusted.   

    He has raced cars his whole life, drag, dirt racing, and round ‘d’ round, which is a car that races in circles. He had a near death experience in 2012 when he rolled end over end and did two barrel rolls.

    Working on the cars is an ongoing project,

    “they are never finished, even when they’re finished there is always something to do, to upgrade.”

    The one that he currently has, has 15 to 16 hundred horsepower. It can go 150 mph in five seconds in an eighth of a mile. The car weighs 2164 pounds with him in it,

     “all my cars are super nice, I don’t like junk, I like to do it right.”

     Larry has gotten paid for winning a few races,

     “It’s an expensive hobby, but worth it.”

Car 1









Car 2