Here’s to a Great 18 Years

By Freedom Mullins

     After 18 years Martha Gunter, the attendance clerk at Ramsey Junior High, is retiring. Mrs.  Gunter is responsible for keeping up with all the attendance, students checking in and out, and homebound attendance.

  Mrs. Gunter worked under three principals during her tenure at Ramsey, Michael Heaffly, Denis Siebenmorgan, and Amy Manley. Gunter said,

     “It’s been 18 years and I feel that it’s time to retire, have some free time, and enjoy doing things that I want to do.”

    Her greatest memory of her time at Ramsey is

    “ the sweetest kids ever.”

    Mrs. Gunter looks forward to traveling. The first thing she wants to do is take a cruise and do a lot more camping. Out of all her years at Ramsey, Mrs. Gunter will miss the kids the most after retirement.