Becoming Bilingual

     Martin “Romeo” Alvarado is a Freshman student at Ramsey Junior High School. Though he was born in Fort Smith, Martin moved to Mexico as a baby to be with his family. He then moved back to Fort Smith in August 2016. He arrived back in the United States not speaking any English. He attends Ramsey where he is learning English and becoming somewhat bilingual. Romeo tried to learn English before school began,  but he found it to be challenging and somewhat complicated. He thinks that learning English in school is not as challenging as it was at home. In school, everyone around him is speaking English, and all his classes are taught in English, so he is forced to learn to understand and speak the language.

    The rules at his school in Mexico were very similar to those at Ramsey, so that has not been a big adjustment.  Martin motivates himself to become bilingual because someday he wants to become a singer and professionally dance Bachata. He appreciates Ms. Bonar, Ramsey’s ESL teacher because she is the teacher who helps him out the most with his English. Martin sums up his life right now,

     “At times it’s fun, but everything is just a mystery.”