Mr. Osbun Leaving After a Long 45 Years

By Aurora Akin

     Bill Osbun is retiring after 45 years of teaching and counseling. Mr. Osbun was a student at Ramsey Junior High from 1961-63 and is finishing out his career here. He has been here, as either a student or staff member, for every principal Ramsey has had.

     Osbun taught math for two years and has been a counselor for 43 years. He said

     “I will miss the students and staff and all of my memories of Ramsey Junior High.”

     He decided to retire because he wants to see more of his family and he wants to travel. He plans to go to St. Louis, Seattle, New Orleans, Gulf Shores, and a cruise down the Rhine River in Europe. When asked what his favorite thing about Ramsey is, he replied,

     “Every day is a new day….some fun, some challenging, some different….but always memorable.”

     Ramsey students and staff will miss Mr. Osbun just as much as he will miss Ramsey.

    “I can say that I will look forward to what may come my last day of school just as I looked forward to what would come my first day of school in 1974 and every other school day in between for the last 43 years.  In other words, I have enjoyed Ramsey Junior High and will miss coming here each day.”