A Concert to Remember


Ramsey Junior High orchestra had their final concert Thursday, May 10, 2017,  All groups had an amazing performance. The seventh grade Beginner Orchestra started off the concert with Etude in D Major and Fiddles on Fire, followed by eighth-grade Intermediate Orchestra playing Dance Scenario and Stressed Out/Count on Me medley arranged by Mr. Burkepile. Ninth grade Advanced Orchestra finished the evening with Mantras and Clocks.   

    “I dedicated a big part to this last concert to my 9th grade,”

    Said Mike Burkepile the orchestra director.


    In between the first and second piece, each grade is presented with awards. The grade awards went to:


Most Improved was given to John Leonard

Outstanding player was given to Jacob Nguyen

Character Award given to Jacie Clayton

Director’s Award given to Malorey Francis


    After the presentation of ninth grade awards,  Jamie Turnquist and Jacie Clayton spoke about how much they have loved this year in orchestra, and they presented Mr. Burkepile with a card signed by all of his ninth grade students.


    As always, at the end of the concert, Mr. Burkepile shows a video of all the precious memories made throughout the year. Half of the video was of all 3 grades and the second half was dedicated to just ninth grade students. Many ninth grade students became emotional when watching the video because they know that it is their last year in orchestra at Ramsey.


    For the ninth graders, this will be a concert to remember. No matter how many hardships they have been through in the past, they will always call themselves a family because of the love and strength they give to each other.