The Music of Change


Aliyah Oliver

     Ramsey Junior High has lots of new staff this year. Brittney Shepherd, who is the head director of seventh, eighth, and ninth grade band, is one of the new teachers. She first wanted to be a music teacher when she was younger and because she got a scholarship to become a music teacher.

    Shepherd considers her greatest asset to be her great motivational skills with big groups of students. Her greatest weakness is being unorganized, and she considers her greatest strength being passionate about the music.  Shepherd enjoys attending weekend or evening activities and festivals when she is able to. Mrs. Shepherd is very competitive when it comes to the music but she also likes to make sure the students have fun.

        She would also like to add more and more people into the band program. Her proper classroom atmosphere is well structured and planned out. Her students describe her as loud and stern when it is necessary. She says if a student resists music, she tries to help them enjoy the best they can. She says that her favorite instrument would have to be the piano because she has always had a very strong attraction to it.

    She tries to have lessons planned in advanced.  Her style of teaching is that she moves fast, uses technology, and has hands on activities. She says teamwork is very important in the music curriculum. For the concert band, in terms of seating and instrument placement, she said that she would have it in an arch starting from smallest to biggest with the softer instruments in the front and wouldn’t have any risers. On the other hand, for jazz band, she would put them in straight lines, use risers, and put the rhythm section on the left side according to the audience’s point of view in a semi- circle.

    Shepherd says she does like Ramsey because it’s a great environment for students to participate in different activities. Let’s all welcome Brittney Shepherd to Ramsey Junior High as our new head band instructor.