Aliyah Oliver


    This year’s quarterback for the Ramsey Rams is Johntarrius Washington. Jay plays Varsity 9th Grade football. When asked Jay what pressures are there during games to complete plays and how does he handle the pressures, he said,

    “I calm down and think through all of it before I get out there.”

    When asked what responsibilities does it take in order to fully fulfill the role of quarterback, he replied,

     ” He has to know the plays and do them right.”

    Jay added that the most important thing a quarterback must do is remember plays in order to succeed.

    Jay was also asked how does he prepare for game day, and responded that he goes to the locker room and prepares to win the game. Jay said that the most important thing when on the field is to score points for the team. He feels like it was his fault that they lost the game last Thursday. He said that it felt really good to be the quarterback for the Rams. When asked his football jersey number, he replied it was number three.