Rams Kickoff a New Season


Football Team at First Game

Gabe Johnson

    Thursday, August 31st, the Ramsey Rams football team played the Chaffin Cougars.

Chaffin scored first, with a safety early in the first half. During the first half the Rams held Chaffin back till the 4th down. Then, Chaffin had the ball, and the Ramsey striker was able to get to the quarterback but not take him down and Chaffin went on to score their second touchdown.

    After halftime the Rams came back prepared, they got everything ready, and started ramming the ball down the Cougars throat. In the third quarter, the Rams drove the ball down the field and scored their first touchdown of the season.

    Angel Hernandez went out for the 2 point conversion, he caught the pass giving Ramsey eight points. The Rams defense stopped Chaffin from scoring again, but in spite of a strong effort the Rams were unable to score again.  The final score was 16-8 with a Chaffin win.