Lyles Down – Rams v Airedales

Gabe Johnson

September 28, the Ramsey Rams played the Alma Airedales. The Rams lost, the final score was 19 to 6 in favor of the Airedales. During the first half the Rams received the ball.The first play was a gain of over 20 yards for the Rams. In two plays the Rams got their first touchdown, but could not make the point after. Soon after the Airedales scored their first touchdown. They went for a two-point conversion and didn’t make it, making the score tied six to six.


    After halftime the Airedales got the ball scoring another touchdown.The Rams got the ball with three minutes left in the third quarter Eli Lyles was on the carry for a gain of about six yards snapping both bones in his left arm. When the Airedales got the ball they scored again and again missed the two-point conversion.Then the Rams through an interception for another Airedale touchdown. Ending the game with a final score of 19 to six Alma.