Homecoming 2017


Gabe Johnson

     November 2, 2017, the Ramsey Rams played their Homecoming game against the Chaffin Cougars. As a result, the Rams lost 12 to 14. During the first quarter of the game, the Rams ran the ball with the 8th-grade quarterback Luke Wyatt. Unable to get a touchdown,  it was a turnover on downs and Chaffin had control of the ball. In the second quarter, the Rams scored the first touchdown of the game with a Cougars touchdown soon following. During the third quarter, the Cougars took the lead 14 to 6. With a turnover on downs for the Cougars, the Rams recovered the ball and got a touchdown bringing the score to 12 to 14. With about one minute to go the Rams had the ball and on third down with two yards to go threw an interception. With 30 seconds to go the Cougars took a knee resulting in a Chaffin win.