A Royal Engagement


Joslynn Montgomery

    On Monday November 27, Prince Charles of England made the formal announcement that his son, Prince Harry, had become engaged to Meghan Markle earlier in the month.  Harry, age 33, whose full name is Henry Charles Albert David, is the younger brother of Prince William and the sixth in line to the British throne. Meghan Markle, age 36, is an American actress from Los Angeles who has been seen on the television show Suits since 2011.

    Markle’s engagement ring was designed by Harry and includes stone’s from the jewelry collection of his late mother Princess Diana who died in 1997. The couple met on a blind date in 2016 and plan a fairly short engagement, by royal standards, with a wedding to be held in May of 2018. In 1936, Edward VII abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis SImpson, a divorced American woman. Times have changed since then, and since Harry is not the direct heir to the throne, his upcoming marriage has been met with delight and support. Markle will be the first American woman to marry into the royal family since that incident in 1936.