Black Friday Frenzy

Cellache Stracener

Black Friday is notorious for great deals, long lines, and brawls over sale items with limited availability.  It is the time of year when millions of people get up before dawn to go holiday shopping in hopes of getting insane deals on electronics and other items. Love it or hate it the Black Friday we know is coming to an end. Every year fewer consumers are buying in retail stores and more people are doing their shopping online.

     In 2015, 105 million people shopped on Black Friday, but in 2016 only 96 million people participated. These days most stores have websites where you can order things online and get great deals online for the month of November. Buying online means not dealing with the hassle of crowds and often bad weather.  Black Friday is time-consuming
and can even be dangerous dealing with the frenzied crowds of shoppers who are fulfilling their holiday lists.