Cyber Monday Mania


Thea Bishop

    Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. On this day there are a lot of great deals online, kind of like Black Friday but on the internet. Cyber Monday has been an event a little over ten years. It was dreamt up in 2005 by The National Retail Federation. While Cyber Monday was inspired by Black Friday, the original target audience for Cyber Monday was online retailers.

Did you know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t the only two holiday shopping days that were nicknamed by retail industry trade groups? In 2010, American Express invented Small Business Saturday in support of local businesses. Another online shopping holiday is Green Monday. Green Monday is the second Monday in December. This day is named after the old greenback, since it’s a very profitable day for online sales.

Cyber Monday 2017 made $6.59 billion. That is a 16.8 percent increase from last year and makes that Monday the largest online shopping day in U.S. history. This year on Cyber Monday, people were busy shopping online all morning and night. Cyber Monday is becoming increasingly popular, especially due to all the technology advances we have today.