Life Unexpected

Alyssa Hicks


    The CW series Life Unexpected, which aired for two seasons beginning in 2010, is now gaining new popularity due to its addition to the Netflix lineup. Life Unexpected follows Lux, a 15 year old girl in Portland, Oregon who has grown up in foster care and, in the process of trying to become emancipated, is unexpectedly reunited with her  biological parents. The show wraps up with a fast forward to Lux graduating high school and preparing for college having created a life with her parent.

   The show teaches that it is good to move on from your mistakes. The theme of this show is if you focus on the past you will miss the grand things going on right now in the present. Lux and her family work out their issues and their relationship grows stronger.  Unfortunately, in spite of good reviews, Life Unexpected was cancelled leaving fans to wonder about the future of Lux, her family, and friends.