Youtuber Crosses The Line


Sadie Bolin, Writer

Viewers Discretion Advised: If you’re sensitive to the mention of suicide, then you might not want to read this editorial piece


    On New Year’s Eve, a popular YouTuber, Logan Paul, uploaded a video about going to a popular forest, Aokigahara,  better known as ‘Suicide Forest’, in Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Japan. Paul introduces the video saying it is not clickbait (convincing someone to click on an ad or link by appealing to them with news or lies), but as the thumbnail shows, he looks surprised and there is a person hanging by the neck from a tree in the background.

    The video goes on to show him and his friends walking through this suicide forest, and then they spot and point out the dead body to the camera. The reasonable thing to do would be to stop the camera, call the police, and report the body. Instead of making a reasonable choice, they continue the video, and Paul is seen freaking out. He and his friends, however, seem to be attempting to refrain from laughing at the scene.

     I was already outraged that they continued filming, instead of immediately reporting their discovery, but their reaction was unwarranted and disrespectful. Throughout the time of having the dead man in the video, Paul barely censors the body, only the face, therefore disrespecting the man’s and his family’s privacy.

    Since the video was posted there has been an uproar in online communities.  Paul deleted the video and gave an apology on New Year’s Day.