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Cellache Stracener

I recently traveled to Cozumel, Mexico, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman.  Here are some things to keep in mind if you ever have the chance to visit these spectacular places.


  • Stay in touristy areas.
    • This is good advice in general when traveling, you may want to experience the local flavor, but be sure your accommodations will be able to provide services you may need when in an unfamiliar place
  • Bargain shopping
    • When someone is trying to get your attention because they are selling something don’t be too interested too soon. Bargain them down in price. There are all sorts of deals to be had, and they don’t expect you to pay their original asking price.
  • If something looks shady or suspicious – steer clear of it.
  • Watch for pickpockets and keep your wallet or purse with you at all times.
  • Follow all local laws. This should go without saying and is true for any place you travel, but we aren’t always aware of local laws and customs. Be aware and careful.
  • In touristy locations, local authorities do a good job of keeping travelers safe. But always be aware of your surroundings wherever you go.
  • Depending on your thirst for advent, when you want to see the country you can either take excursions and tours tailored to tourists or you can strike out on your own and see what the world has to offer.