New Changes for the New Year


Sadie Bolin

      Mrs. Lincoln, who has been teaching Oral Communications for four years, is supposed to switch from teaching Oral Comm to teaching a new class in the 2018-19 school year at Ramsey Junior High. The school district has decided to make this change for all of the junior high schools in the Fort Smith School District.  

    Lincoln said she is not completely sure what class she will be teaching, but she thinks it will be either a yearbook class or Keystone. Keystone is a high school preparatory course. Lincoln said though she is sad to lose Oral Communications she is excited about the challenges ahead.

     So far her ideas for what to do with each of the potential classes are limited but good. For Keystone, she is considering career planning, self-awareness, and personal finance. The yearbook would be a split class, the first half about learning to create the yearbook, and the second half actually creating it..