Post Secret Comes to Fayetteville


Sadie Bolin

Postsecret is a large community based off of anonymous secrets sent in from all over the world. Their website, (, states “PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. Your secrets, posted here, every Sunday”. This art project was started by Frank Warren, in November, 2004. It was only supposed to be a small art project, but soon it blew up and ever since Frank has been receiving and posting thousands of these anonymous postcard secrets from all over the world. Within a year, Frank had received about 20,000 secrets according to his interview (,_founder_of_PostSecret).

Frank organizes tours for Post Secret, where they have these postcards on display as well as being  read out loud, and they also allow the fans to put in their own postcards for the end of the show. The show has skits played out by actors and actresses based off of postcards in the community. Some of the postcards are serious, and some are not as serious. These postcards can contain information anywhere from funny secrets such as ‘I pee in the shower’, to huge regrets or problems in their personal life that could even be so important that the law could have to get involved.

I went to one of the showings in Fayetteville on March 10th, 2018, at 2:00 pm. I put in a secret, and the way it worked is you walk into the area where the entrance to the theater is and there would be 2 tables with stacks of postcards and pencils everywhere on them and then a box to put the postcards in, on the other side of the room were food and drink stands. You write a secret, without your name, and then you put it in the box.

When we went inside, we found our seats that we were given and waited for it to start. The show began with multiple skits, then went on to reading postcards and telling stories. There were 3 actors, 2 girls and 1 boy, and they were the ones reading and playing out the skits. There was an intermission, and then they read the postcards everyone put in before the show. When they read mine, I tensed up and watched everyone’s reactions. No one seemed particularly bothered, though mine involved a controversial topic.

After the show, I felt a lot more confident to share my secrets. The people had stories behind every postcard they sent in, and sometimes they may share secrets more daring than others, but they still build up the courage to share this small story, and it made me feel like I could share my own story and get just as positive of a result as everyone else.

I believe this is a great community. The community, as it is based off of secrets, can give people confidence to say things they may need to say and that can take a load off of someone’s shoulders and may even keep people from doing something bad. This community can give lots of good things, and I’m ready to support and watch it grow.