Transitioning From Ramsey to Southside

Transitioning From Ramsey to Southside

Gabe Johnson

 In a few short weeks another group of 9th-graders will leave Ramsey and head over to Southside High School for the remainder of their high school careers. Although Southside is a larger school than Ramsey, and different in many ways, there are some significant similarities as well.

    When you transition to Southside, most of the other Ramsey 9th graders will be transitioning as well.  The school will be filled with familiar faces and friends you have made. Many of the upperclassmen will also be familiar to you from their time at Ramsey. When you transition you can still be have the same friends that you had in junior high. You will also have the chance to make new friends with students from Chaffin and Trinity.

    Some things will be different, such as the size of the school.  Ramsey has a little over 900 students while Southside has over 1500.  Another adjustment for Ramsey students will be transitioning to a school that is two stories tall.  

    There are more sports available at Southside and the budget for the athletics department is larger. While at Ramsey the focus is on football, basketball, volleyball, and track, the high school also offers soccer, softball, baseball, and wrestling among others. There are other extra curricular choices as well such as: drama, debate, languages, technology, and business courses.

Although you are going to become Mavericks in the next few months always remember you are a Ram. Ramsey Rams live on forever!