Mario Odyssey Game Review


Landen Brown

Mario Odyssey came out October 27, 2017, and it is available on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is known for having a high standard. The first week it sold 2 million copies so it’s a pretty popular game. It’s been a while since the last 3D Mario game was released.

     First off, this game is full of charm and references to classic Mario games. For example, there is Princess Peach in a cat costume hidden around the game, and if you touch it it will give you a coin. You can tell that Nintendo took time and cared about the state of the game.

     Mario Odyssey has amazing music and the theme song “Jump Up, Super Star” got into the Top 40 all genre US iTunes store. The only problem is the controls, which are pretty complex. The game is forgiving, and you learn the controls quickly, so you know what you’re doing in the first couple of hours. Mario Odyssey looks really good and has so much detail. The difficulty is kind of odd because the beginning of the game is easy but near the end it gets frustrating. It’s not impossible like other games; you know you can do it. The game is worth the sixty dollars because if you take your time through the game it will take you 43 hours to beat. Overall Mario Odyssey is a must buy in my opinion. So I rate it 9/10.