Gordon Slams the South


Abby Holycross

Hurricane Gordon made landfall in the United States last Tuesday night, September 4, on the border of Alabama and Mississippi. The category four hurricane brought winds up to 70 mph. Gordon also hit parts of Florida and Louisiana. Most schools and businesses closed as Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama declared states of emergency. Over 30,000 people lost electricity when Gordon first hit with more losing power as the night went on.  

    One child lost their life to Gordon in West Pensacola, Florida. The child, who has not been named, was asleep in a mobile home when heavy winds and rain from the storm caused a tree to fall on the house. Nobody else was hurt in the house except the child who was killed. There have been no other reported casualties caused by Gordon.

    Many people are lucky because Gordon did not do as much damage as expected. The dry air warm water kept the hurricane from doing too much destruction, but residence still took precaution. Many cities, including New Orleans, prepared for the storm even though they weren’t expecting a direct hit. Most people are happy there was minimal damage done.

    Hurricane Florence is set to hit the Carolina’s late on September 6 We will keep you up to date in the next Rampage edition.