James Opens “I Promise” School

James Opens I Promise School

Jackson Teague

     While in the fourth grade LeBron James was an ‘at-risk’ student; he had missed 83 days of school while he and his mother moved in between homes. James happened to get lucky when some mentors helped him in the fifth grade by getting him to attend every day of school and get involved in basketball. Today, instead of James letting other kids go through his struggles he took it upon himself to have an effect in their schooling by opening his “I Promise” School.

      240 third and fourth graders will make up the school’s inaugural year in Akron, Ohio. The school promises to provide the students with free bikes, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and to pay for any student that plans to attend college. The school hours are a bit unusual as they go from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM so students will still be getting eight hours of school; they will also be getting an extended school year from July to May with a seven-week summer session when the school will be providing a STEM camp for the students so they will never be without schooling.

    However, this school isn’t without controversy. Many people say that LeBron is doing this entire thing for publicity and just drawing more attention to himself. Many critics of LeBron say he’s just doing it to appease the Ohio people for leaving and to draw more media attention to himself to make him seem like a better person. Others say that even if this is a publicity stunt he is still providing much needed to the struggling city of Akron, OH.