Ramsey Rally


Carsyn Lincks

     On Thursday, September 20 Ramsey had their first and last pep rally for the football season. The band played as the students walked in and, for the first time,  sat by Live School house colors rather than by grade. The rally kicked off with the Ramsey Fight Song. As soon as the Fight Song was over Coach East spoke then our own Ramsey Royal Blues performed. Right after the Volleyball team introduced themselves, they shared the great news, that they have been the one school so far to have beaten Chaffin in Volleyball this season. Cheer soon followed and gave a performance as well. The football team also introduced themselves. Next, Student Council spoke about spirit week. A skit was done by students, one from each house color of Live School Team. Blue came in first followed by yellow then green and lastly the red team. The pep rally wrapped up with Give Me an R. A. M. S. and everyone got up on their on their feet to help cheer on our own Ramsey Rams at the Greenwood game that same night.