Florence Packs a Punch


Abby Holycross

 Hurricane Florence is the largest hurricane to hit the Carolinas since the 1980s. The storm’s winds reached up to 145 miles per hour. The eye of Florence made landfall around Thursday, September 13. It is reported that 37 people died from the storm. Twenty,  seven people in North Carolina, eight in South Carolina, and two in Virginia. Even from all this tragedy, people are trying to help rebuild the affected areas.
    The Missouri based organization, Operation BBQ Relief, was one of the first on the scene. Operation BBQ Relief was founded in 2011 after the Joplin Tornado. Since then they have helped with other disasters like the South Carolina Floods in 2016 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The organization had stations set up in the North Carolina cities of Fayetteville and Wilmington. They are producing up to 50, 000 meals per day.
    Michael Jordan was among the top to donate to disaster relief. Jordan, who played high school basketball in Wilmington, North Carolina, donated $2 million dollars to help disaster relief in the area. Jordan also sent more than 100 members of the Charlotte Hornets, the NBA team that he owns, to help pack disaster relief boxes in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    There are many other organizations helping the residents and picking up after the hurricane. More flooding is said to continue through the next couple of weeks.