Ray Lozano Returns to Ramsey

Ray Lozano Returns to Ramsey

Jackson Teague

     Wednesday, September 19, Ramsey Junior High held an assembly for all three grades with guest speaker Ray Lozano. Lozano, who also spoke at Ramsey last year,  came all the way from California to help the student body understand the effects of cigarettes, nicotine, and vaping on your body. Before Lozano talked about steering clear of these addictive substances,  he started the assembly off with a bit of stand-up comedy to get Ramsey to engaged in the assembly. Before he started talking about the effects of nicotine and cigarettes he discussed everyone’s best abilities like athleticism, musical abilities, and the ability to save money. He discussed the main ingredients of cigarettes like tar and nicotine and shared interesting fact such as nicotine is an ingredient in most bug sprays and just a little drop can kill a bug if it gets on its exoskeleton. He slowly moved away from how damaging cigarettes are and talked about how vapes can be just as dangerous; as 95% of vapes contain more nicotine than actual cigarettes. Vaping can actually lead to a disease known as popcorn lung which makes it difficult to breathe. Lozano is an entertaining speaker who shares his expertise and spreads his message in a way that is entertaining and engaging to his target audience of teenagers.

    After Mr. Lozano finished up the first half of the assembly several teachers got up onto the stage to begin the next portion of the assembly which involved Live School. Every nine weeks the team that is currently in the lead with the most live school points will win a special prize. At the end of the year, you will be able to buy a trip to lake fort smith with your live school points just like last year. Before they ended off the assembly they did four games for a chance to earn some extra live school points for your team. The current standings as of this publication are as follows.


  1. Blue
  2. Yellow
  3. Green
  4. Red

Remember if you want a chance to win some live school points for your team to score on some big prizes every nine weeks just ask your teaches some good ways to earn live school points in their class!