Be Back in a Flash


Kylie Brooks

     The CW’s The Flash season five premiere aired Tuesday, October 9 at 7 p.m.. Since season 4 ended 5 months ago fans have been waiting to find out what happens this season. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West-Allen’s (Candice Patton) daughter showed up in the last episode of season 4; Barry is trying to get Nora, (Jessica Parker Kennedy) his daughter, home. While he’s trying to get her home a new villain enters the series; one who can absorb the kinetic energy of objects that are moving. Some problems for other characters carry into season five. For example,  Kaitlyn(Danielle Panabaker) is trying to get her powers back and become Killer Frost once more, and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is dealing with his breakup with Gypsy. Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and his girlfriend Cecile are taking care of their baby while Cecile still has her mind-reading powers and is able to hear others’ thoughts. Season five will continue Tuesdays on the CW and promises to keep fans enthralled.