The Buddy System


Ryan Hauer

The Buddy System” is an important habit to use because it keeps people safe from threats. Halloween is right around the corner, and many  children and teens will be out enjoyed a variety of activities. Unfortunately, this can make it easy for predators to blend in to any decor. There are dark minded people out there looking to hurt you, and it’s easiest when you’re alone. If you are ever walking somewhere, ask a friend to walk with you, that will help keep you from getting hurt. If possible, always walk with someone you know, like a friend from school. Many kids get kidnapped or hurt each year because they weren’t being careful enough. If you have someone by your side the chances of being safe are much higher. Always be sure that someone knows where you are and where you are heading next. Keep an eye on your friends as well, be sure that you are in contact with them when out without adult supervision. Since Halloween is so close, you will probably be out with friends, at parties or just hanging out with friends. Stay together and don’t separate, because danger is everywhere.