Serial Killers and Their Zodiac Signs

Serial Killers and Their Zodiac Signs

Jayden Jackson

Since Halloween is coming up, most people are interested in spooky facts.

Here is a list to peak your interest in serial killers.

Aries serial killers

  1. Joseph Franklin born April 13, 1950, had a hefty amount of victims. Joseph was active from 1977-1980. No exact number of victims is known but the number is estimated to be between 7-22.
  2. Donald Harvey born April 15, 1952, was active from 1970-1987 having a grand total of 37-57 victims. Needless to say, he was sentenced a whopping 28 life sentences!

Taurus serial killers

  1. H.H. Holmes born May 16, 1861 , murdered people from 1891-1894. Unlike most people, Holmes had an interesting way of getting victims. Holmes bought a hotel and murdered the guests that would stay there. He killed over 9 victims in that three-year span.
  2. Amy Gilligan murdered 10 – 50 people. Born in May, 1873 she worked at a nursing home and would poison the people that she cared for.

Gemini serial killers  

  1. World Wide known serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, born May 21, 1960, wouldn’t just kill his victims, but he would torture them and even pouring acid in their brains in an attempt to make them his slaves. From 1978 through 1991 he killed 17 people. He would dismember his victims, and even eat parts of them.
  2. Kenneth Bianchi born May 22, 1951, killed 12 people. Bianchi would murder people around the California area by strangling them and even went as far as Washington to strangle two women.

Cancer serial killers

  1. John Reginald born in 1899 was sentenced to death after the gruesome murders of 8+ people, including his wife. Usually, he would practice necrophilia on his deceased victims. His crimes spanned from 1943 to 1953.
  2. The murderer responsible for over 11 murders, most of which were babies, known as Genene Jones. Born July 13, 1950, Jones started murdering at the age of 22 and was caught in 1982 and sentenced to 99 years in prison.

Leo serial killers

  1. Born July 24, 1909, John Haigh was born in the United Kingdom and would kill his victims with acid, giving him the nickname ‘The acid bath murderer’. Haigh claimed to have murdered 9 people although only 6 murders could be proven.
  2. John Haigh, otherwise known as the acid bath killer was born July 24 1909 would kidnap his victims and put them in barrels of skin and bone melting acid sometimes not even having the mercy to kill his victims before putting them in the acid.

Virgo serial Killers

  1. Rodney Alcala killed 8- 130 people!  He was famous as being on the dating game. Caught in 1979 he would sometimes rape his victims before killing them, or the other way around. His main victims were younger women and even little children.
  2. This serial killer inspired an entire movie about his murders. Ed Gein inspired the classic 1960 horror flick ´Psycho´. He didnt usually kill many people but he ate out of a bowl he made from one of his victims skull!

Scorpio serial killers

  1. Charles Manson was famous worldwide for being the leader of the cult the ´manson family´. Manson didnt kill anybody with his own hands, but he brainwashed the people in the cult to kill people for him. Manson was convicted 1969 on first degree murder charges.
  2. Belle Gunness was a Norweigan-American serial killer between 1884 and 1908. She was thought to kill over 14 people throughout that time and the scariest part, she was never caught!

Sagittarius serial killers

  1. During the 1970s this serial killer managed to have 40+ victims in California, Florida, Idaho, and more states. Ted Bundy, like Ed Gein was infamous enough to even have his own documentary movie made about him.
  2. A lesser known serial killer who had 7 victims would base his murders around the Columbus Georgia area. Gary killed his victims by strangulation. Carlton Gary wouldnt just kill anyone, and but specificaly defenseless elderly women.

Aquarius serial killers

  1. Robert Hansen started his murder and killing spree in 1971. The ´dangerous game´ killer ( a reference to the Richard Connell book The Most Dangerous Game.) Hansen would kidnap women and set them loose in the Alaskan wilderness and then hunt them like they were wild game.