Halloween Short Stories

Halloween Short Stories

Below you will find two short stories submitted by 8th-Grade Ramsey Journalism students Keira McTyre and Kadence Douglas.

The Podcast by Kiera McTyre

I sat up and stared at the clock hanging on the ceiling. I get my podcasting microphone and begin to talk.

“I have no idea how it got there, just that it’s not normal. The time is 4:26. I’ve been seeing supernatural things in that clock ever since 3:00 a.m.  I can’t tell you anything now, for I do not have much time until he finds me. Just go knowing this, survivors. Find a friend and somewhere safe, don’t put yourself in a bad situation. Pack your bags and stay inside until it is no longer safe inside, then find another building quickly. It can sense your presence outside. Wait until it’s gone, please. It’s killed my family and brother already and I will probably be dead by the time this uploads.” My voice was quivering uncontrollably. I took a deep breath and spoke again.

“After hearing this, please stay off of your devices and off social media. This is because it is inside technology, it can even take this video off if it wants, so be careful. It can take shape it can kill you anytime. Survivors, if you hear this, just know, whatever you do just don-” The video cut off and started uploading. A knife from the end of the room started flying at me. I dodged and felt a sharp pain behind me. It had turned around, sinking into my heart. My head was forced to look at the clock. It was completely black except for a wide orange pumpkin face. A sickening smile appeared in the middle. Everything went black. I could still see the smile as I felt my insides shut down.


Luna was listening to the podcast as it suddenly stopped.  Panic was surging in her as she grabbed a backpack. Shutting her phone down, she started to pack the bag with everything she might need. At last, she found her Ragdoll cat, Lucy, and stuffed her in the bag too, leaving space for her to get her giant head out. Luna was abandoned at the young age of eight and took shelter in an old abandoned building just off of the river.

Lucy poked her head out of the neon orange backpack and headbutted Luna making her giggle. The Siamese colored cat was abandoned at a young age as well so Luna took her in and they grew up together.

Luna put her backpack on and sat down on the bed, an item she had stolen from a nearby hotel. A few moments later Lucy started hissing. Luna turned around to see a black cloaked man, easily seven feet emerged behind her.  His head was a black pumpkin with a face carved out. Every opening in the face features was glowing orange, and a long open smile looked frozen in place.

“No one was supposed to hear that podcast.” He said in a low, cold voice. Luna noticed that his mouth didn’t move at all, nor did his eyes. “He uploaded it while he was dying so I couldn’t take it off before anyone could hear it. You were the only one that heard it, so I’m going to have to kill you before you spread the word.” It must have been her imagination, but she thought his smile grew even larger after the last sentence.

She ran out of the house without any hesitation and ran all the way up to the town, not daring to look back until she was there. His voice rang out in her head.

“I’ll spare you for now, but if I have the slightest idea you’re about to tell someone, haha! I’ll add you to my collection of heads!” His laugh rang out her head, seeming to be on replay. Lucy must have heard it too, her fur bristled and she was growling.

“What’s wrong?” A boy asked behind her. She jumped and turned around looking at the brown-headed boy. He looked horrified. “I heard the-”  I covered his mouth with my hoodie sleeve.

“The thing is watching and listening, remember? Let’s go inside, I’ll explain everything there.” Luna whispered.

“Ok.” The boy said. He looked about thirteen, two years younger than her. He put his hand on her backpack and the cat playfully headbutted him and he jumped and yanked his hand back. “Oh. You’re cute. All of this has me on edge so…” He patted Lucy’s head and started walking toward the nearest building. He opened the door and walked in, shutting it behind Luna.

She sat down and started explaining it to the boy.

“I ran away from it and ended up here where I met you… what happened to this town?”

“That thing killed everyone. Drowned them all in the river. Except me… I stayed inside until it left. It never came in any house.” He said, his voice trembling. He looked like he was about to cry.

“How old are you?” Luna couldn’t help but be curious. He had to be older than 13 to stay calm at a time like this.

“Twelve. My name’s Daniel what’s your?” Daniel said, his voice going from scared and trembling to cheerful and light..

Twelve?? Luna’s eyes grew wide. Twelve. Wow. “I’m fifteen and my name is Luna. This is Lucy by the way.” She said taking her backpack off one shoulder to show the now purring cat to Daniel.

“Aww! That’s a cute name! I’m a huge cat person. Though, we never owned a cat.” Daniel said. “Maybe we could find another one!” His tone was hopeful. Luna was about to cry. To be honest she doubted if they would even survive.

“We will.” Luna said. “After we find a way to defeat this thing. Do you have any idea?”

“Do I have an idea to clear the level? Yes, actually. The level’s logic base, right? And the podcast was trying to tell us something. Maybe we could defeat it by trapping it inside a house!” He seemed to be making up the plan mid-sentence, but it seemed like a good one.

“Ok, sounds like a good idea, but what happens if we can’t clear the level?” I said nervously. “Or if one of us gets hurt?”

“Easy! There’s a hospital in the town, all of the nurses and doctors never went outside, it’s a small one, but it is one nonetheless!” His eyes were twinkling from the ribbons of sunlight flooding the room.  Lucy started meowing as Luna got up suddenly, putting her backpack on all the way. Daniel jumped slightly at the sudden change of character.

“Let’s go then… how are we going to get it here and inside the building?” Luna asked. The nerves started building again.

“Ok, um… well, have to get bait and lure him inside! Maybe, you…? And then we’ll trap him inside!” He finished triumphantly. Luna thought about this for a second.

“It’ll be worth trying. Let’s go.” She started to head to the door. As she put her hand on the doorknob, she stopped and turned around to face Daniel. “If something bad happens to me, promise to take care of Lucy.” She took her bag off and put it to the side. Her tone was grave.

“I promise.” Said the boy as he got up and followed her. She ruffled his brunette hair and opened the door. In an instant the horrible grin was staring back her, leaning forward to be on her height level. Fear sparked in her, making her want to run, but she stood her ground.

“I’m here now what do you want.” She said, keeping her voice steady. The boy was doing something. Probably part of his plan.

“Now!” Daniel yelled. Luna grabbed it’s arm and threw it as hard as her body would let her. It landed in the house and Daniel closed the door. Hearing blood-curdling screams from inside the house.

“I moved your bag to a different house and-” A knife came out of nowhere and stabbed Daniel in the back.

“DANIEL!” Luna screamed. The town was silent; the thing was dead. It had used the last of its strength to kill Daniel. Luna ran over to him and caught him. She helped him sit down.

“M-maybe Lucy was my cat for ten minutes… but it was the best ten minutes…” He coughed and blood splattered from his mouth. “I’m so… so glad I met you… Luna…” His body went limp. Everything else was a blur.


Luna went to the hospital with a little box in her arms. She went to one of the rooms and opened the door.

“L… Luna?” said a voice behind the curtain.

“Yes.” She answered. She pulled back the curtain. “Daniel.”

“Luna!” He said holding his arms out to hug her. She went over to his bed and showed him the box.

He poked at it. “What’s that?” He asked, mocked suspicion in his voice.

“Open it.” She said handing him the box. He opened it and lunged to hug her.

As he lay back down he said “Thank you!” and pulled the contents out of the box. Big bright green eyes looked at her. A black kitten was in his hands.

“Do you like it?” Luna asked.

“Are you kidding me?!  I love it!” Daniel exclaimed.

“What are you going to name it?” She asked curiously.

“Hm… how about Complete Level or CLover?” He asked.

“Sounds great! CLover it is!” She said. Then, out of the blue “Do you want to come live with me and Lucy?” He looked up, surprised at the question. “I mean if you want.”

“I would love too!” He said and smiled a wide, happy smile.


Carnivore Carnival by Kadence Douglas


The night was cold and dark, like many of the nights had been before that night. The town was mostly inactive, seeing as it was a bit past midnight already on a Tuesday. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone was asleep. Most important of those who weren’t were three; Cyrus, Jasper, and Peter. Three seniors from the local high school, venturing out on an adventure of their own. The location of this adventure: an abandoned carnival that was located a little ways away from their hometown.

The eeriness of the carnival had attracted some rumors from the citizens. For years it had been left vacant, which attracted thrill seekers enough without the rumors of disappearance surrounding the area. Everyone who was said to have gone to the place had also been said to never come back. This didn’t stop our three protagonists from going; in fact, this only made them want to go even more.

Opening the rusting gate to the location was the current task of the three. They pushed on the entryway, getting it to open with a painfully loud squeak. This didn’t bother the trio, as they marched bravely onward towards whatever experiences may await them; good or bad; boring or exciting; anything that may come to them, they were ready for.

Each thrill-seeker held a flashlight; all now turned on and being waved around, Peter, however, held also a secret weapon the others were not aware of. He had only been told a day earlier about a safety precaution they could take that could possibly save their lives. There was a large Ferris wheel (which the group had seen from the outside), a carousel, with a few other rides and concession buildings they didn’t care to try and name inside of the confined space.

Peter, who was the boldest of the three, instantly began to lead his two friends, shining his flashlight in the darkest places. Jasper, who was the most cowardly of the three, hid behind Peter and fumbled with his flashlight. Cyrus, who was the most teasing of the three, repeatedly tried to scare his other two friends; and often succeeded in scaring Jasper.

Suddenly, Peter, who was also the most vigilant of the three, noticed that Cyrus had disappeared. At first, the bold and vigilant leader shrugged it off as another one of his friend’s pranks, but after a few minutes, he began to grow worried. He voiced his concern to Jasper, who, as the most cowardly, began to panic and shout for Cyrus. Peter soon joined him, both desperately searching for their friend.

After a few moments of agonizing searching for their friend, the pair finally found Cyrus; although, not in the way that they had hoped.

Cyrus was laying in the grass, in the middle of the walkway. As if he wanted to be found. His body was mutilated and disfigured; with a few of his limbs torn off and his face almost entirely scratched up. Peter stood, unmoving, staring at his friend with morbid surprise. On the other hand, Jasper was running away, screaming about wanting to leave. A second later, Peter was following Jasper, his secret weapon held tightly in one of his hands. Jasper was too far away for Peter could see, but he could hear his quick footsteps. That was until they stopped.

Peter cautiously slowed his footpace, now unsure of what was lying ahead, his grip tightened on the bottle in his hand. At last, Peter was in sight of… something. It seemed to be crouched down over something. He was confused; he, Cyrus, and Jasper were the only ones there, at least that he knew of and Peter knew a lot of things.

As Peter silently took more steps forward, he realized what the thing was crouched over. It was crouched over a shaking Jasper, tearing him apart and… eating him. Peter hastily opened the lid to his secret weapon, throwing it onto the thing. Whatever it was reacted quick enough to look back to Peter, and he wished it hadn’t. The man-eater seemed to be some sort of clown, like the ones you would see in horror movies, with sharp shark-like teeth and blood dripping down from its mouth; not to mention its soulless black eyes. Most haunting of all, though, was that its face was melting right off. That image was going to be burned into Peter’s mind for the rest of his days.

One of the townsfolk had heard about the three friends’ venture to the carnival; and had given Peter his ‘secret weapon’, with which he was told to use in only the most important situations. At first, he thought the man who had given him the ‘potion’ was a complete nut, but he understood now. He wished he didn’t.

Peter went to help his friend up, only to realize that Jasper had stopped shaking. He quickly bent down to check his pulse. Jasper was dead. Just like Cyrus. Glaring at the melted clown on the ground, Peter began to regret coming here. He started to regret bringing his friends with him, started to regret inviting them, and most of all, started to regret not being able to protect them.

Now shaking, Peter began to walk away from the scene and towards the exit. He couldn’t stand the sight of Jasper or the melted demon any longer. As he left, the gate slammed shut behind him…

“Boo!” Cyrus shouted, clasping his hands on Jaser’s shoulder. Jasper yelped as the fire in front of the three flickered. “Not cool, Cyrus!” He said, obviously annoyed. “It totally was!” Cyrus said, smiling, as Peter snickered at the two.  Now that ghost story is definitely one for the storybooks.