All-Region Orchestra Results


Adam Shaver

On Saturday, October 27, School Orchestras, including Ramsey,  from the northern half of the state competed for spots in an All-Region Orchestra. Here is a list of all of the Rams who earned a spot in the Orchestra, and in order from highest to lowest chair.


Cadet Violins:

Adam Shaver

Kaetyn Drury

Braeden Wear

Levi Calvo

Madison Real

Marybeth Arnold

Abby Burkepile

Cameron Renteria


Cadet Viola:
Tru Reynolds

Maia McGregor


Cadet Cello:

Colin Davis

Nicholas Startzman

Sebastian Humphries


Cadet Bass:

Pheinix Chandler

Concert Violin:

Matthew Humphrey

Ashlyn Cancel

Alex Garcia


Concert Viola:

Felicity Clayton


Concert Cello:

Eliana Ramirez

Abigail Mullins

Parker Hewitt


Concert Bass:

Lindsey Walls-Rivera